Super Chunk Home Page Re-imagined…

Thank you for taking the time to look at these mockups for your potential site. I promise (Girl Scout’s honor) I will not use these photos in any way for any other purpose, I just wanted to provide you with a personalized example of what’s possible!

When I saw your logo and the different images on your current site and Facebook page, I was totally inspired! Scroll down to see images from the home page I’ve designed with you in mind.

I would start by moving this really cool image of your store to the top to show it off!


Then, I would include this totally adorable photo of the two of you just below to further personalize the page and help customers connect with your story.


The next section would include pictures of your different treats. This area could link to your menus, or a bigger gallery of images.


Below that would be your contact info with an interactive map, as well as a link to your contact page.


Last but not least, your awards would be proudly displayed, and a subscription form could be in your footer.


This is only the beginning! Your work is amazing, and I think this website could be a really fun design project.

If you’re interested in talking more, feel free to book a call with me below, or shoot me an email.