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Squarespace websites are a great fit for all types of businesses.

From online retail, to brick-and-mortar stores, to office professionals, there’s a way to customize Squarespace to suit your exact needs.

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Neurocounseling & Consulting Services


Matt had a site in place he built himself, but it had room for improvement.  He was scheduled to facilitate a workshop for other counselors, and knew he would have more people visiting his site.  He decided to have me revamp his site in order to give a better first impression.

I opted to take a cue from his logo, and use maroon as the primary color.   I chose a new template in order to emphasize different aspects of his business and reorganize the information.


Neurocounseling & Consulting Services | www.neurocounseling.com

His site now clearly states what his business is, who he works with, and how to contact him for more information.  There’s no more hunting to find what you need, as all of the best information jumps out of the page.


He’s seen an increase in traffic, and is now proud to direct his potential clients to his site!



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Therapist Finance


Therapist Finance | www.therapistfinance.com


This site was designed to attract therapists needing help with their finances.  I built the site as a place to provide information regarding online courses, as well as other related content via the blog.  The color green relates to money, so I wanted that color to be our primary. I wanted the site to be clean and unintimidating, as accounting and finance talk can be overwhelming to newly self-employed therapists.  I started with the clean office photo, and built on that image as the theme throughout the site.


After launching the site, I’ve seen a huge increase in traffic to my e-course!



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Smooth Trek


Smooth Trek is a new brand that focuses on selling products to traveling families.  They wanted a site to draw potential customers in, and direct them to purchase the product on Amazon.  Their first product is a children’s travel lap tray, and the site was designed around the product itself, bright and colorful.  Their logo coordinates with the tray, so the shades of blue, red, and yellow worked perfectly for their kid-friendly style.  I designed an easy-to-read blog for their followers as another means to generate traffic.  


Smooth Trek | www.smoothtrek.com

The end result is a fun, travel-oriented site that leaves no doubt about the type of company or what they have to offer.


They've had a boost in sales with most buyers having been redirected from their website. 

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