How to Easily Connect Your Social Media Accounts to Squarespace

Connecting your social media accounts to your Squarespace website is a very simple process.

There are two reasons you’d want to connect your accounts to your website.  

One, you’re giving visitors an easy way to find and follow you on your social media accounts. The more connected they feel to your business, they more likely they are to become a paying customer.  

Two, when you create new blog posts, you can push your posts to those same accounts, saving you time.  You can check out my post here all about creating your blog in Squarespace, and it will give you details on how to take advantage of this feature.

So, let’s get you all connected, shall we?

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Start by logging into your Squarespace account.

Squarespace Home Menu.png

Next, select Settings, then Connected Accounts.

Squarespace Connected Accounts.png

At this point, you will see that you have no connected accounts, but once you do, they will be listed here.

From here, click “Connect Account” and choose the account you’d like to connect.  

Squarespace Choose Account to Connect.png

As you can see, you have tons of options!  For this example, I’ll connect to Pinterest.  

Any of the accounts you’ll connect will prompt you to give Squarespace permissions for security purposes.  

This is why it’s nice for you to know how to do this yourself, instead of giving your web designer all of your login information to do it for you.  Here, I was already logged in to Pinterest (does anyone ever log out of it??), so I did not need to sign in. If you’re not, you’ll need to enter your username and password.

Click okay to allow Squarespace to access your social media account.

The only way to move forward is to agree, so that’s pretty much the only choice if you want the accounts connected.  The next screen you’ll see is the settings for whichever account you’re connecting.

Squarespace Connected Account Settings.png

Go down the settings screen, and select the options to suit your needs.  

  • “Show Social Icon” means the icon will be shown on your webpage in the place you designate in your design - most often the header or footer.  

  • “Show Push Option” gives you the ability to push your new blog posts to this social media account once published.  That will save you from manually posting to every platform.

  • The “Default Post Format” is the format in which your post will appear on this account when it is automatically pushed from your blog post.

  • The “Profile URL” should be pre-filled since you’re connected to that account.  If not, you’ll simply copy and paste the URL from your profile.

  • The “Push Target” is where you want the post to be shared on your account.  In this case, I’ll choose which Pinterest board.

Once you’ve customized your settings, click Save, and the account is all set!  Do this for every social media account you’d like to connect to your site.

Note: if you ever want to disconnect account, you’ll do so in this same settings screen, and choose disconnect.

Now that your social media accounts are connected to your Squarespace website, you want to make sure your visitors can see the icons.

Go back to the home page, and click Design, then Site Styles.

Squarespace Design Menu.png

Click on the header area of your webpage, and the style options for that section will appear in the menu on the left side of the screen.

Under “Header Layout”, you’ll see “Social Position:Hide” by default.  

Choose the social position of your preference from the dropdown menu.  In this case, I have a centered logo and primary navigation, with the secondary navigation (button) on the right, so I chose Top Left.

Squarespace Header-Layout Social Media Position.png

After deciding where your social media icon should be, you’ll see the Social Icons options appear in the Styles menu.  

Squarespace Styles for Social Icons.png

There, you can adjust the size, style, and color of your icons to fit the look of your website.  The number of icons you have (and number of connected accounts) will affect how large or small your icons should be for visual balance.  The style and color are just personal preference.

After making adjustments, click Save, and you’re all done!

Connecting your social media accounts to your Squarespace website is an easy way to grow your relationship with your current and potential customers.  

The more you’re visible to them, the more they think about your business and what you have to offer. So, following these steps gives them another opportunity to follow your brand, and you one to make another impression.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!  

And, if you still don’t have a Squarespace website of your own, but would like to learn more, book your free call with me here. Or, click through to my portfolio below for some inspiration.


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