Appeal to Your Ideal Client with Your Website

Does your website look like something your ideal client would like?  Or does its design appeal to your personal preferences?

When you want to attract certain people to your small business, you have to give them what they want!

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First, you have to identify who your ideal client or customer is.  Imagine the one person who would be a perfect fit for what you have to offer, and consider the following characteristics:

  • Name

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Occupation

  • Location

  • Annual Income

  • Education

  • Religion

  • Political Affiliation

  • Relationship/Family Status

Expand on these areas and be as detailed as possible, especially in those that would influence the likelihood of them being a buyer of yours.

For example, if you run a bakery, your ideal customer may look something like this:

  • Amy Smith

  • Female

  • 38 Years Old

  • 3rd Grade Teacher

  • Lives in the city where the bakery is located, and the bakery is on her way to school from her home.

  • She makes $45,000 per year.

  • She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and is working towards her Master’s Degree to become a Principal.

  • Amy attends the local Presbyterian Church on a regular basis, where they hold potluck lunches after services monthly.

  • She does not affiliate with strictly either political party, but places her support with those her promote family values and funding better programs in schools.

  • She is married with two children, Ella, 6, and Joshua, 10.  Her husband is an accountant, and the kids are busy with after school activities throughout the week.  

Can you see how Amy would be a perfect customer for this bakery?  

She could feasibly stop in on the way to school in the morning for coffee and a pastry, bring a cake to the church potluck, or pick up cupcakes for her kids’ classroom parties.  She is a busy, working mom, and the bakery is super convenient. Aside from actually providing delicious baked goods, what can the bakery do to reel her in as a customer?

Appeal to her with branding, especially on the website.  

Why specifically the website? Because the first time she drives by and notices the bakery, she probably won’t stop.  What she will do is look you up online to see if she wants to stop by in the near future.

Your website is the first impression most people will have of your small business.  You want to grab your ideal client’s attention in a way that seems like you were meant for them!

So, imagine your bakery is branded like a chic Parisian cafe, with dark colors, gold accents, and fancy script fonts.  Would this portray your business as family-friendly and suitable for a teacher’s budget? Probably not.

On the other hand, imagine your bakery’s website is in bright, citrus tones, with polka dots, and a playful font instead.  This is something that would appeal to a mom and teacher. Not only that, but it’s not crazy girly, so her 10 year-old son wouldn’t scoff at stopping by for an afternoon cookie date with mom.  These are all things you want to think about when branding your website.

What exactly is branding?

Basically, branding is your color palette, font choices, and uses of graphics, icons, and photos that characterize your business.  Your branding will not only be used on your website, but across all means of marketing - social media, print ads, business cards, you name it.  Once you create your brand focused on your ideal client, it should be consistent, wherever your small business is represented.

In order to get ideas for your brand, I suggest creating a Pinterest board related to your ideal client.  Pin all kinds of things you think they would like, and use that board as inspiration when putting together your brand.  Better yet, put the board together and share it with your website designer - you’ve got your hands full running a bakery ;).

You (or your designer) can take that inspiration and create a mood or brand board so that you have a consistent reference for any new designs. Take our bakery example, with the citrus tones and polka dots, and you may end up with something like this:

Sunshine Bakery Brand Board (1).jpg

Looking back on your brand board can keep all of your merchandising and marketing cohesive.

And, when customers visit your website, if it’s on brand with the business they’ve already visited, or the business card they picked up, for example, they’ll know they’re in the right place. Having a unified look for your small business also gives the appearance of being more established and professional, even if you’re just getting started.

So, whether you have a website, or are still in the design stages, keep your ideal client in mind.

It’s easy to get caught up in designing what we like, but we’re trying to sell to other people, not ourselves.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. And, if you’re interested in a beautifully branded custom Squarespace website of your own, book your free consultation call here. If you’d like to see the possibilities first, click through below to my portfolio.


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