Are You Really Investing in Your Business Where it Counts?

These days, you can barely open your email or scroll through your social media homepages without being bombarded with information for online courses and mastermind groups.  Many of these offers are very compelling, promising you a six-figure business in a matter of months, or manifesting your ideal lifestyle through the power of positivity. While some of these are truly helpful in learning the mechanics of running your business, they are only going to help you if you put the time and energy into following them to the letter.

How many courses have you purchased and not completed?  

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Most of them require a 4- to 6-week commitment, if not more.  They give you “homework”, and assign weekly calls with the course leader.  Then, you (theoretically) commit to actually implementing what you’ve learned.  All of this takes a massive amount of your time, and usually requires a significant investment.

It all sounds great - usually too good to be true - but it’s easy to justify it as an investment in your business.  

Do you actually do the work, though?  Or are you avoiding doing the work in your business? Because that takes more effort than watching videos and chatting in Facebook groups.

I’m not standing on my high horse here as someone who doesn’t succumb to the temptations of the sponsored ads.  I’ve taken a few different courses, some I felt were worthwhile, some a waste of money. But, I’ve decided that if I need help, I’m willing to pay for it, and I’m only investing my time and money into things that will truly impact my business.  

Where do your priorities lie?  Do you really want to grow your business, or keep spinning your wheels?  

Think about how you’re spending your time and money, and whether those resources could be better used elsewhere.

Look at it this way: if you’re willing to spend money for someone else to tell you what you should be doing, why not spend the money for someone else to do some of the work for you?

Instead of taking a course on how to build your own website, spending hours watching videos and growing frustrated, you could be spending that time making money and let someone else build your website (hint: me).

Once built, your website is like a virtual billboard for all to see online, constantly attracting visitors to your site and drawing attention to your products and services.  Isn’t it worth paying someone else to make sure that this “billboard” converts site visitors into paying clients? Or do you want to slap a sign up there and just watch potential revenue keep driving?

Every penny you spend towards making your business successful is worth it.  

Whether you’re paying for advertising, additional education, or investing in your website, you will see a return on those investments.  The goal here is that by spending money to establish a professional presence now, you will see an increase in revenue from clients in the near future.

Putting off these types of expenditures could also be delaying the growth of your business.

So, ensure your priorities are aligned - the fee for professional website design may seem out of your reach now, but imagine the impact it could have on your business.  If you can find a way to pay for some other people to tell you what to do, you can find the money to have someone else do the work for you instead. At least once you’ve paid for a great website, you’ll have something to show for it, instead of wasted time and effort in another mastermind group.

Book your free consultation call today to discuss your new website!  I can’t wait to get started!!

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