How this Easy to Use Website Feature Can Greatly Streamline Your Day

If you’re in a business where booking appointments is part of what you do, you’re going to love Acuity Scheduling with Squarespace.  

So many service-based businesses require appointments: hair salons, dog groomers, doctors, lawyers, home repairmen, maids and cleaners, the list goes on and on.  And, if you don’t have a booking calendar integrated into your website, the odds are, you have this same conversation repeatedly with your clients, “How does Monday at 2:00 work for you?  No? Okay, what about Tuesday at 8:30? Wednesday at 4:00?”

Seriously, how much time are you wasting with this back and forth? Not to mention, your client (or even worse, potential client) is probably just as annoyed with this as you are.

There’s a better way to book appointments, and everyone will be much happier.  The solution: Acuity Scheduling.

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When you have a Business Squarespace plan, the Acuity Emerging plan is included for free.  It costs you an additional $0 per month to have the ability to streamline your day and focus on the clients in front of you.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a hair stylist's chair, the phone rings, and they say, “hang on just a sec” to me.  Then, they walk away from me to answer the phone, or even respond to a text, mid-cut. Is that really providing the best customer service?  Being distracted while holding a pair of scissors is probably not the best thing - just sayin’

Or, take a dog groomer as another example.  Most groomers put their dogs up on a grooming stand while they’re trimming their nails, clipping their coat, etc.  If the phone rings, that’s a potential client on the other end, more than likely. So, the groomer doesn’t want to ignore the call and risk missing out on business, but it’s also not safe to walk away from a dog on a grooming stand halfway through the service.

You don’t want to miss out on booking appointments and making money, so you make every attempt to answer every phone call right away, and respond to every email as soon as possible.

It’s exhausting, right?

Acuity Scheduling makes it possible to integrate a booking calendar right into your website.  

Even if someone calls you and you’re unable to answer, your voicemail can still direct them to your site to book an appointment right away.  It’s a win-win

You can customize your availability, and what’s more, your booking calendar works seamlessly with your existing calendar, as in your Gmail or Outlook.  

So, if your salon is closed Mondays, you can mark that day as unavailable, and if you have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday at 1:00 already in your personal calendar, clients will not see that time slot in Acuity.

The customization of these appointments is what makes this feature really special.  

You can set up different appointment types, according to your business type. You set the time allowed for each appointment, and you can even include a custom form required to be completed during booking.

So, if you offer 5 services, you can have 5 appointment types available, and you’re able to set the allotted time for each service.  Dog groomers can have a “quick wash” appointment that allows for an hour, a “nail trim” appointment that allows 30 minutes, and a “deluxe groom” that take 2 hours.  (full disclosure: I have an adorable shelter mutt that isn’t groomed, he just is what he is, so I’m totally making up these times!) When your clients book an appointment, you can have a form that requires them to acknowledge that they must have current shot records on file, and request any other pertinent information to the appointment.

All of this is available to you with your new custom Squarespace website at no additional charge.

How great is that? Just imagine checking your email at the end of the day to see new appointments on the books that basically made themselves!

If giving clients complete control to make their own appointments makes you a little nervous, I totally understand.  

You can still use the booking calendar as a way for clients to request an appointment, pending your approval. It may still require a confirmation email from you, but you at least know that the date and time they requested is actually available.  Instead of all of that back and forth to figure out what works for both of you, you can just simply respond, “See you then!”

Take a look at all Acuity Scheduling has to offer, and what you can expect from the Emerging plan as a Squarespace website owner here.  

There are tons of features you probably didn't even realize you need, but definitely want now that you know it’s an option!  In addition to customizing your calendar and syncing with your personal one, you can send reminder emails, sync with Quickbooks, and offer discounts, among other things.

If you’re tired of spending so much wasted time on the phone and responding to emails, book your free consultation call with me below (through Acuity, of course)!  

My goal is to help your business thrive, and make your days run more smoothly. Being a business owner is hard work, and if I can make that a little easier for you, why not let me help?

For more ways that your website can do some of the work for you, check out this blog post, too. You’ll be amazed at all of your new found free time!

Jennifer Bierds