11 Effortless Ways Squarespace Boosts SEO, Plus Bonus Yoast Tip!

One of the most overwhelming aspects of having a website can be SEO, or search engine optimization.  

This may be one of the buzzwords you’ve heard time and time again, but maybe you don’t truly understand it.  Sure, you know you need to have good SEO, whatever that means, but how do you do that?

Basically, SEO means that search engines, primarily Google, like your website and promote it within search results.  With Squarespace, you can have peace of mind that the majority of your SEO is already implemented into your website.

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Here are 11 ways that Squarespace has your SEO needs covered:

  1. Squarespace automatically builds a sitemap of your website.  What this means is, all of your information is easy for Google to “see” and “read”, and it has a clear understanding of what is on your website.  So, when people search “bakery” in your city, if you have a website for your bakery and your location, Google will see that information and include you in the search results.

  2. All Squarespace websites include an SSL Certificate.  To put it simply, your website address will have the lock icon and https:// in front of it, indicating to your potential clients and customers that your website is secure.  In this day and age, this is something that people are especially mindful of, given all of the security breaches.

  3. Squarespace websites have clean HTML markup.  Each style of text on your website is designated as Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Normal, or Quote.  There’s no need for HTML codes like.  Squarespace creates the tags for you behind the scenes, making it easy for Google to read.

  4. Squarespace automatically creates clean tags for your images and other data, so search engines can see it.  That is why it’s important to properly name your images, as mentioned in this post, to take advantage of the work that’s done for you to promote your site to search engines.

  5. Your website has clean URLs, and furthermore, these URLs are customizable.  So, if you have an extra-long title, you can shorten it and only include the most important keywords.  Or, if you want to have a fancy title for your services, but you want Google to know that’s your services page, you can simply change the URL for that page to Services.

  6. You can have multiple domains (web addresses) that all point to the same website.  Instead of penalizing you, Squarespace actually ensures that it automatically redirects visitors to theses domains to your primary website, and boosts your SEO as a result.

  7. Squarespace gives you the opportunity to easily edit your search engine and page descriptions.  Depending on the design of your site and the template used, these descriptions may appear on your page. For many, though, it does not.  What this means is, you are able to add in additional keyword-rich content into your website to boost your SEO without necessarily adding additional text on your page.

  8. Squarespace websites all include AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages.  This creates “light” versions of your website so that they are compatible with mobile devices and more easily viewed.  Google prefers sites that are mobile-friendly, so this gives you another leg up on your competition for SEO purposes.

  9. Your products sold on Squarespace are automatically converted to rich images for Google search results.  This means that all of your product information, including the product name, the image, description, price range, availability, and product page will be include in those search results.  Giving your potential buyers more information up front entices them to click through to your website to make a purchase. And anything that encourages more visitors to your website is also an SEO boost according to Google.

  10. Squarespace automatically optimizes your website for mobile!  If I could shout this from the rooftops, I would (I guess I could, but it’s kind of dangerous…).  Especially compared to other website design platforms, Squarespace makes mobile design super-easy. Google really likes when sites are mobile-friendly.  Plus, visitors are more likely to stick around on that site when it’s simpler to use and see on mobile.  Mobile-optimization = SEO boost.

  11. You can easily verify your Squarespace site with Google Search console, allowing you to see which search terms drive traffic to your site from Google.  Once you see what keywords people are searching for and finding you by, you can tailor your content to focus more on those keywords. You will see your site ranking improve in search results by doing so.


A well-known plugin for Wordpress is called Yoast SEO.  This is a great tool for analyzing blog content for its SEO value.  But guess what? Just because you use Squarespace doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of it! By visiting this website you can analyze your content in real time for it’s SEO, without all of the headaches that come with Wordpress plugins.  Simply copy and paste your blog post, fill in the other blanks, and tweak it until your score is green.

Constantly improving your SEO is a big part of maintaining your website.  It helps your business be found by more potential customers and clients.  

Luckily, Squarespace has a ton of SEO boosters built into its platform, and you don’t have to worry if you’re missing anything.  Check out my post here to see how you can manipulate your website content to see an even bigger impact in your search ranking.

If you’re ready for easy-peasy SEO to be part of your website, schedule your FREE call with me now, and we’ll talk about how Squarespace can work for you! Or, visit my portfolio first by clicking the link below.


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