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You want your ideal customer to find you, but how?

I totally get it.  You’ve started a business, and you’re living the dream of being your own boss.

->You have to make this work.<-

At the same time, you don’t have the budget to try a bunch of tactics that don’t work.

What you need is a great website that showcases your business’s best features and converts visitors to paying customers.

You, friend, are in the right place!


I’m Jennifer and I help small business owners attract new customers by designing their dream website.  I relieve them from the stress of doing it themselves, or overpaying for a site they’re not thrilled with.

I give owners more time to help customers, while building a site that brings them more business - it’s a win-win!


Hi, I'm Jennifer!

Back in college, I wanted a creative career and to major in graphics design. At that time, it seemed like a field where only “big city” designers could thrive.  Fast forward, and boy, have times changed! After spending years as an accountant (the least boring one I could be), I decided to take the leap into web design.  Now, not only do I get to work creatively, but I get to help small businesses thrive!

I know how hard you work, and I want to take your website design off your plate.

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I’ve found that owners recognize the need for a website, but underestimate the impact the right one can have on their business.

Years ago, I had an e-commerce Wordpress site designed for me. There was no real process, and the guy that built it seemed annoyed when I asked for changes.  He didn’t really understand my vision, and I didn’t know how to communicate it to him since he wasn’t helping in that department, either.  

In the end, I didn’t love it, and I didn’t feel confident in my site or sharing it with the world.

Not to mention, I paid this guy a small fortune to create this website!  Once I had the site, I didn’t have a lot of guidance as to what to actually do with it. So, needless to say, that business fizzled out.

Lesson learned…

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I know that I’m not the only one who’s had this type of experience.  

That’s why I decided to find a user-friendly platform to build and maintain websites - Squarespace - and learn to do it myself.  The world of website design can be intimidating, full of internet jargon like widgets, plug-ins, and SEO.

With Squarespace and my design help, you don’t have to worry about any of that!  I’ll walk you through, every step of the way, and I promise you’ll be happy with the end result.

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Ready for a personalized website?

Ready to finally get that personalized website?

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