Squarepace Website Design for Small Business Owners

On a budget? Need a website yesterday?

A 3-Day Squarespace Website
may be just what you need!

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Do you have a new business?

Odds are, you’ve had to pay for licenses, equipment, inventory, software, and more.

You may be tempted to put off getting a website, but you’d be selling yourself short!


You want to put your best foot forward from the very beginning and make sure your business is a success!

What if you could have your website designed in just 3 days for only $1,000?

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Would it be worth it? 

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How is it possible to have a website in 3 days??

  1. You sign up for a free consultation and we chat.

  2. I put you on the schedule for your 3-day website.

  3. You complete a simple questionnaire.

  4. I spend 2 days designing your site and 1 day for
    your revisions.  

  5. I turn the site over to you, along with a guide to
    adding your specialized content.

    I’m done, and the site is all yours!


What’s the catch? 

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This option includes a little DIY on your part, with guidance from me.

I’ll create the foundation of your website with basic information, then you add all of the expanded content when you have time.

This may include a longer about page, details about your services, blog posts, etc.

In the mean time, you have a perfectly functional website where your potential customers can find your business online!

If they need more info ASAP, all of your contact information, including a contact form, will be on the site before I hand it over to you.

Here’s an example:

Services Page Example
Contact Page Example
Blog Page Example

Matt needed a website for offering new services to other therapists. He wanted potential clients to be able to find him if they were in need of these services.

What he didn’t want was to wait for his website to be 100% complete before it went live. Because, let’s be honest, writing the content for these service pages isn’t fun, and we all tend to procrastinate.

By choosing the 3-day website, he was able to put himself on the web and get started with his new venture. Not only are potential clients able to find him, they can see what services he’s offering and contact him for more information. When he has the time, he can add more detail.


3-Day Website Package



  • Free, no obligation consultation call

  • Home, About, Services, Contact, and Blog Pages

  • Up to 3 more pages of your choosing

  • Header and footer for desktop and mobile including either your logo or site title

  • Pages include banner images and placeholder content

  • Pages optimized for basic SEO

  • Mobile-responsive site design

  • Video guides on how to use basic functions of Squarespace, so you can add expanded content as you’re ready

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Sound good? Let’s get started!

Claim your spot below for a free, no-commitment consultation call with me.

What do you have to lose??


Prefer not do any of the heavy lifting yourself?

Have a little bit more padding in your budget?

A 2-Week custom Squarespace website might be a better fit.

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Still have questions? 

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