Squarepace Website Design for Small Business Owners

Research & Development, Marketing, Social Media, Meetings, Phone Calls, Packaging, Shipping…

You’ve got your hands full.

Leave your website design up to me!

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Why pay a professional to design your Squarespace website?

Save Time

Save time you can’t spare.

Make Money Instead

Make money using that time instead.

Avoid frustrations and headaches

Avoid frustrations and headaches.

Love the end result

Love the finished product!


Hi, I'm Jennifer Bierds


I’m an entrepreneur just like you, and I want to help you reach more customers and clients.

Between being the manager, research and development, marketing department,  bookkeeper and more, you don’t have time to spare. Let me take one of the tasks off of your to-do list by designing your business a great website.

Every company needs a professional online presence, and one that won’t give them nightmares to maintain. That’s why I specialize in designing Squarespace websites.


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Squarespace is an all-in-one solution for your website needs.

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